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Since autumn 2018, the following board of the "Austrian Association of Osteopathy" consists of five active members.

Passfoto Obfrau Diana Stöckl

Dr.med.univ. Diana Stöckl, MSc D.O

Diana Stöckl is an osteopath and general practitioner. She studied medicine, the cycle and the training for osteopathy (WSO) in Vienna and Krems. In addition to working in her own practice, she teaches at the Anatomical Institute of the Medical University of Vienna, the FH Campus Vienna, at the WSO in the clinical area and most recently at the International College of Osteopathic Manual Medicine in Rome.

Passfoto Helmut Moschik

Helmut Moschik, MSc D.O.
Vice President

Helmut Moschik completed osteopathic education at the IAO. Since 2012 he has been working as an assistant and since 2014 also as a lecturer at the IAO. He currently lives in Kapfenberg, where he works in his freelance practice for osteopathy. In addition to working as a physiotherapist and as an osteopath, Helmut also works as a sports trainer in the children's and youth sector as well as an athletic trainer for the professionals in football and basketball.

Passfoto Margit Halbfurter

Margit Halbfurter, MSc D.O. - Cashier

Margit Halbfurter is Osteopath (WSO) and Pediatric Osteopath (OZK). She lives and works in Villach. She completed her training at the WSO in 2015 with a master's degree. In the master's thesis, she dealt with the topic 'leaky gut', which she is still very interested and accompanied. Margit teaches at the WSO as an assistant and tutor. It is her great concern to work for the recognition of osteopathy as a profession in Austria, to secure the high level of education.

Passfoto Carina Ossberger

Carina Ossberger, MSc D.O. - Secretary

Carina Ossberger works in two practices in Vienna (18th and 19th district). After completing basic training at the IAO, she completed her master's degree at the FHG in Innsbruck. Her decision on becoming a Pediatric Osteopath brought her closer to her original goal, away from working as a kindergarten teacher to providing individual care for children. Since 2014, Carina teaches as a lecturer at the ILO. 

Passfoto Nina Köck-Mittendorfer

Nina Köck-Mittendorfer D.O. - International representation

Born and raised in Altmünster (Upper Austria) and after completing school, Nina completed her physiotherapy training 1983-86 at the LKH in Salzburg. Then she worked as a physiotherapist in the fields of orthopedics/manual therapy in Innsbruck and Munich before she thaugt at the Academy of Physiotherapy/WSP Vienna from 1993-1998 in the subjects of orthopedics, Occupational medicine and manual therapy. Nina graduated in osteopathy in 2000 from the WSO. Since 1998 she works exclusively in private practice in Vienna, mainly in the field of orthopedics and gynecology.

Office und Management

The organizational part of the association (administration and management) is supervised by our secretary and managing director Christina Weber. As Mrs. Weber is on parental leave, she is currently represented by Mrs. Mag. Monika Hochholzer.