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Osteopathy in Austria

Osteopathy has been known in Austria since 1900. Thorough training and good treatments results led to a rapid spread of osteopathic treatment.


Professional regulation

In Austria, osteopathy is an independent form of therapy that is yet to be regulated by the state. Generally, osteopathy is practiced by doctors and physiotherapists with extensive osteopathic training. The majority of osteopaths work independently. MDs and dentists can practice osteopathy without any restriction, while physiotherapists may only practice osteopathy after referral by a licenced doctor due to their professional legal framework (Austrian law for Medico-Technical Services (MTD Law).

Law of insurance

Osteopathic treatment is neither fully nor partially covered by the Austrian state insurance. Depending on the plan, some private complementary plans may fully or partially reimburse cost for such treatment.

Tax law

Pursuant to §6 paragraph 1 # 19.1 of the Austrian value-added tax law, physiotherapists and doctors are except from VAT when practicing any form of treatment in their scope of application.


Österreichische Gesellschaft für Osteopathie (OEGO)

OEGO is the professional lobby of the Austrian osteopaths and currently has more than 300 members, some from the medical profession and some from other backgrounds.

In order to promote integration of osteopathy on a European level, OEGO is a member of the European Federation of Osteopaths (EFO) as well as the Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE).

Österreichische Ärztegesellschaft für Osteopathie, osteopathische Medizin und klinische Osteopathie (OEÄGO)

OEÄGO is represented in the umbrella organisation for complementary medicine (Dachverband für Komplementärmedizin). All members of this organisation are also members of OEGO.


There are two schools in Austria offering postgraduate training for doctors and physiotherapists in different locations.  

Wiener Schule für Osteopathie (WSO)

Internationale Akademie für Osteopathie (IAO)